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Themed Mix

All mixes welcome!

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All Members , Moderated

affiliates - fanmix, mixtapesplease
this community is owned and moderated by speakingsoul(Shannon)

:: Rules and Guidelines ::
- All large images must be behind an LJ-cut. Small, thumbnail images are okay. Please include a title and description before the cut.
- Please include the artist and title of each song. Songs can be posted individually, in a zip file, or both. I prefer zip files myself. When posting zip files, I like to include the art and a playlist file with the songs.
- Any offensive or particularly profane material must be under the cut, with a notice above the cut.

Helpful Links
Amazon.com free music downloads
GarageBand.com - independent music downloads
FreeRip MP3 - rip CDs into mp3 format
dBpowerAmp Music Converter - CD ripper and audio converter
Goldwave - great audio converter that supports almost every format
Evil Lyrics - program that loads lyrics for whatever song you're playing.
Winamp - in my opinion, the best free music player

Cover Art Template - template made by speakingsoul(Shannon)
Paint Shop Pro(PSP) - one of the top graphics programs
Adobe Photoshop(PS) - a top graphics program
Ulead PhotoImpact{PI) - another great, though less-known graphics program
The Gimp - free image editor
Imageafter - stock images
stock.xchng - stock images
Alto Celebs - celebrity photos
Blue Vertigo Stock Image directory - lots of stock image links
freshfaces - celebrity photos and caps
cap_it - great screencap community
Scantastic - celebrity scan archive
The Brush Search engine - find brushes for any program
textura - original textures
squidfingers patterns - free patterns
k10k patterns - more free patterns
icongradients - community for gradients
CD Insert Dimensions
FontFace - free fonts
dafont - more free fonts
Famous Fonts - free fonts that look familiar

MediaFire - upload your music or zip files up to 100mb (fast uploader!)
DivShare - upload up to 200mb and embed uploaded songs
xs.to - free image hosting
Photobucket - popular free image hosting

Help and Tutorials
pixelfx.org tutorials - tutorials for PSP and PS
PSP tutorial links
star-girl tutorials - lots of tutorials for PSP and PS
how to make blends - blending tutorial for PS
Stephanie's PhotoImpact tutorials
Wishing Well Tutorials - PI tutorials
Gimp User Group - The Gimp Tutorials